Deliverables By Phase

Owner's Project Requirements

Commissioning Plans

Basis of Design Review

Issues Log

Updated Commissioning

Commissioning Specifications

Submittal Review

Updated Commissioning Plan

Verification Checklists

Functional Tests

Site Observations

Issues Log

Operations & Maintenance Training

Systems Manual

Seasonal Testing

Warranty Review

Final Commissioning Report


Building Commissioning

Change Management

Commissioning Plans


Design Reviews

Engineering Studies

Test and Protocol Execution

Impact Assessments

Maintenance Documentation

Master Document Lists

Operational Verification

Procedure Development

Project Management


Regulatory Compliance

Risk Assessment

Risk-based Commissioning and Qualification

Site and Factory Acceptance Tests

User Requirements


Construction Cost Savings

Improved Coordination Between Design, Construction, Occupancy

Reduced System Deficiencies

Energy Savings

O&M Staff Training

Installed Systems Documentation

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When viewed in terms of outcomes, the best practices we have observed result in zero-or negative net cost as non-energy benefits more than offset commissioning fees. The resulting payback times are in effect instantaneous, combined with energy savings surpassing 50% whole building energy use.

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