Our History

2007 2010

Responding to industry needs for fully trained certified testing and balance professionals, Midwest Balance+Service was founded in 2007 to provide clients with resources and peace-of-mind in protecting valuable investments in facilities and systems.

Established by Joseph Lansdell, an expert in HVAC operations, and Steve Jerge, a lifelong testing and balance provider well known for honesty, integrity and quality, Midwest Balance+Service was born with a mission to provide the highest quality staff available to serve clients in a variety of industries.

Midwest Balance+Service quickly grew, enjoying successes with pharmaceutical, healthcare, research, higher education and commercial projects.

2010 2015

Differentiating itself through certification and training of all staff, Midwest Balance+Service was challenged with finding, training, and retaining qualified labor while continuing to serve the Midwest’s most prominent clients. Through recruitment and internal development, the company grew from two to ten certified providers.

With a deep understanding that a properly balanced system is something “felt”, not seen, client satisfaction was, and still, is the cornerstone for measuring success. Steve and company built their reputations on being known for overwhelming commitment to seeing projects through to contentment. The dedication and trust felt by clients, led to requests and recommendations for trusted commissioning as well.

And so was born a sister company, Midwest Commissioning Solutions, a professional services provider focusing on commissioning facilities, systems and processes. Led by president Stacy Carey, a long-term veteran of the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, Midwest Commissioning Solutions was tasked with delivering innovative solution-based commissioning and qualification services to clients in pharmaceutical, healthcare, life sciences, industrial and manufacturing markets.

2016 Present

Fast forward to 2016 and Midwest Balance+Service and Midwest Commissioning Solutions have joined forces and is now Midwest Associates, a full-service company offering comprehensive services to ensure design intent and optimal performance throughout buildings, systems and processes.

President Stacy Carey and General Manager Steve Jerge today lead Midwest Associates, one of the area’s largest testing, balancing and commissioning providers. With Stacy’s and Steve’s combined 45 years of experience and their team of 15 highly trained and certified specialists, Midwest Associates is well positioned to continue its record of superior quality, customer satisfaction, and integrity.

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