Stacy Carey


With a passion for engineering and an innate desire to innovate, Stacy is well positioned to lead the Midwest Associates team to deliver successful outcomes for their clients. During her career, she has served progressively in process engineering, supply chain management, project management and engineering consulting roles. With Midwest Associates, she supports life science, healthcare, education, and manufacturing clients with a focus on ensuring Owners are delivered systems that are designed, installed, operate as intended, with a focus on quality, safety, operations and maintenance.

"Understanding how complex and time consuming the commissioning and qualification process is for clients, I instinctively knew we could improve outcomes by providing expert resources, streamlining activities, and standardizing documentation."

Stephen Jerge

General Manager

Steve’s early decision to enter the Sheet Metal Workers apprenticeship and work as a machine operator directly after high school led to a lifetime of his development of highly specialized experience in balancing and testing services. Through his apprenticeship with HVAC and other sheet metal work, Steve demonstrated a natural talent for systems analytics and problem-solving. After several years of hands-on training as a testing and balancing technician, he tested with the National Environmental Balancing Bureau to become a Supervisor / Certified Professional in the industry. Steve has more than 20 years of field experience in sheet metal installation, and air and hydronics testing and balancing, and he has 15 years of management operations and staff training and supervision.

"The most important aspects of what we do are providing safe and comfortable environments for people to live, work, learn and play."


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